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Genesis of a Deep Sound – Album Launch/Special Show

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Fabrice Lig – Cosmic Booty – RJDJ Scene from Nitzan on Vimeo.

Belgian producer Fabrice Lig is set to release his next album at the end of June on Fine Art Recordings.

Entitled Genesis of a Deep Sound, the new record will be Ligny’s first full-length since 2004’s My 4 Stars. It will feature mostly previously unreleased tracks, plus the tunes “Cosmic Booty” and “That Connection,” both of which were released at the end of last year on Fine Art. In terms of style, the record demonstrates the wide scope of Ligny’s sound, with deep house, techno and breakbeat all delivered with a classic, no-frills production approach.

The album will be packaged with cover art by UK-based artist Sawdust, and will include photographs from Andrew Moore’s book Detroit Dissasembled. It will also be accompanied by an iPhone app, which lets users tweak its tunes on the fly using the touch screen and accelerometer. For a better idea of how it works, see the video above.

01. BC 98
02. Energy machine
03. Fusion
04. Genesis Interlude
05. Back to Sweet Home
06. Electric Beauty
07. Cosmic Booty
08. Deep Future – Past Interlude
09. Japanese Soul feat. Titonton Duvante
10. That Connection feat. Titonton Duvante & NToumos

To celebrate the Launch, Nitzan’s hosting a very special show tonight on from 10pm (LONDON/BST)

Interview: Ade Fakile / Plastic People, Owner and Creator

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

A great interview with Ade on the past / present / future of one of the best and most loved underground clubs of London.

Enjoy the read!