Stupid Human – Volume 1

Stupid Human

The Stupid Human Story

This twelve came about very organically, it was first given to Dj Cosmo back in May 2009 where she promptly gave it an airing on her Samurai FM show it was then handed to Bill Brewster whom also promptly dropped it into his Djhistory Podcast to glowing reviews…. following Bill’s support the creator of this hugely bluesy funk edit provided it as a limited release via his secret FTP space to various beards & heads. The response was a resounding “properly bumping get it out” from pretty much all that heard it. Being a bit unprepared for this reaction the creator went about sorting out a worthy B side and all the other trials and tribulations with getting stuff onto vinyl. Now backed with a killer Rafael Cameron Edit plus a little political skit called “Mass Madness” the buzz on this little gem is building.

Support From:

Dj Cosmo (Samurai FM, Dark Star, Lucky Cloud)
Bill Brewster (Lowlife, Faith, Djhistory)
Mike Burns (Vienna)
Leri Ahel (Croatia)

More info:

For soundclips:

There’s more in the pipeline from Stupid Human with Vol 2 scheduled for January/Feb but they’re on cover up duties till it’s all sorted! 😉

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