MVSICA – Fine Art Recordings

MVSICA is a new limited CD project from Deep Frequency’s Nitzan’s Fine Art Recordings. The idea behind the project was to put together a compilation of down tempo music from techno producers.

This CD is strictly limited to 200 copies!

The design concept was a cover that would evolve with time, very much like the music on the CD. Most of the art (including the track list) is covered with scratch off surface, on hard laminated paper(to ensure the material is not scared by scratching). The CD comes with its own plastic counter that can be used, as oppose to coins, which are often dirty.

More details: MVSICA


1.Fabric Lig – Cosmic Booty
2.Fabrice Lig – Cosmic Booty(Stevie Kotey remix)
3.Lerosa – Calliope
4.Cusmos – Jazzdub
5.Ichikiwa(aka Michael Fakesch) – Cthree
6.Jens Loden – First one(Orlando Voorn birds and bees remix)

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