New Darkstarr Compilation

Cat No: MRR1005CD
Label: MRR
Rel: JUNE 2010

Psychedelic Disco-Tech: No, its not just another lame ass musical genre coined by a journo for trainspotting anoraks (like ourselves?). As DarkStarr is about melding musical styles and fusing different sounds, Ash and I could not put a label on it. How do we describe the amalgamation of trippy, far-out tunes we play at our nights? What term can depict the variety of moods and emotions we portray without locking us into a certain category? We needed an illustration that was all encompassing and “psychedelic disco-tech” just seemed to cover it.

So forget about the title of this compilation. Don’t trouble yourself where any of this “fits” into the dance music scene of today or how this music all relates to each other. It will become evident in its own organic way. Just press “Play” and let yourself enter another musical stratosphere where there are no genres – just music. COSMO

DarkStarr is the new unit formed of music superheroes Ashley Beedle and Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy.
‘Cosmic Disco’ ‘Acid House’ ‘Psychedelic’ ‘Balearic’ – these are the overused and misunderstood terms used to hype today’s dance music scene. Every other week we have a new party or DJ cropping up claiming to be experts in this field. Ashley Beedle and Cosmo give this music the respect it deserves whilst putting the soul back into the party. With their first hand experience Ashley and Cosmo stand in a class of their own. Ashley has been London’s premier Soul Boy for decades.

His work under the monikers of X Press 2 (with Rocky and Diesel), Black Science Orchestra, Heavy Disco and Ballistic Brothers proves Ashley is one the few DJ/producers that can be both diverse and credible at the same time.

Disc 1: Mixed By Cosmo

1. Wild Rumpus-Kazan
2. Chicago Transit Authority-I’m A Man
3. Still Going-Spaghetti Circus
4. Mass Production -Cosmic Lust
5. Shirley Lites-Heat You Up (Melt You Down)
6. Yam Who?-Wax The Van (Yam Who? Rework)
7. SidWho?-Vote Bowie For President
8. Fontän-You Too
9. Mavis-Revolution feat. Candi Staton (DarkStarr Remix)
10. Montana-Warp Factor II
11. Bob Holroyd-African Drug

Disc 2: Mixed By Ashley Beedle

1. Grandadbob-Pictures (Quiet Village Remix)
2. Little Big Bee-City, Country, City (Franck Roger Remix)
3. Blackjoy-Djomani (Disco Jams Mix)
4. Shake the Dog featuring Jepthé Guillaume-Kite Yo Danse
5. Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band-Man of War (Henrik Schwarz Remix)
6. The KDMS-Never Stop Believing (Nicky Siano Jaguar Remix)
7. Supernova-Sweet Disco Music
8. Simone Fedi-Belzebù Tales
9. Yam Who?-The Star of A Story
10. Afrikanz On Marz-The Road We Travel (Suspension)
11. Illa J feat. Bebi Nova-Sounds Like Love (Carlos Nino & Miguel Atwood-Fergusons In Space Remix)

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