Larry Levan European Tribute Tour


A 5 hr broadcast on BBC Radio 1 and Radio 6 on air 18TH-23RD JULY, dedicated to NYC DJ Larry Levan of Paradise Garage fame.

Lenny Fontana and Eddie Gordon, have produced the documentary ‘LEGENDS OF THE DANCEFLOOR’ A piece of Paradise’ interviewing many of the US and UK’s artists and personalities who were in one way or the other connected to the development of Larry Levan’s short lived but rewarding career as a DJ and
producer, with shared anecdotes from David Depino, Michael Linder, Vince Aletti, Manny Lehman, Michael De Benedictus (Peech Boys) Nicky Siano, DJ Harvey and Heidi Lawden, Paul Oakenfold, Judy Weinstein, Justin Berkmann, John Morales,Tom Moulton, Taana Gardner and Victor Rosado and more will come to life in this program.

A piece of classic radio programming in the making.

There’s also a 4 hour recording originally aired on WBLS during the PG’s 2nd anniversary with commentary by iconic radio Dj Frankie Cocker, the ‘Chief Rocker’. This 1979 recording with Larry in the mix, plus live shows by Loleatta Holloway, Dan Hartman and Sylvester has been described by BBC as ‘radio gold dust’.

The European tour DJs include Victor Rosado and Lenny Fontana and warm up from UK tour organisers DJ Alex and Johnny Chingas (Voices Agency). Victor was taken under the wings of Larry and was one of the very few DJ’s that played at the Garage so expect the real Garage aesthetic shared… The PG play lists includes disco classics/obscurities, private edits, afro beat, new wave, Italo oddities, proto and early 80s house music. This tour starts in London, Berlin, Oslo, New York, Manchester, Tokyo with many other cities to follow…

23rd July in Dublin@ Crawdaddy
28th July in Oslo@ Jaeger
30th July in London@ Fabric
4th Aug in Berlin@ Cookies
6th Aug in Manchester@ Soup Kitchen

+ further EU/Japan dates tba

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