Deep Frequency Meets Reboot FM (Berlin)

September 17th, 2010

This past week-end Dj Alex paid a visit to the Reboot FM studio in Berlin together with Danny Wang, the pair played a fantastic Deep Disco set which was aired on Reboot FM and which will soon be broadcasted on Deep Frequency, so stay tuned as it is a great show!!!

Below a couple of pictures of how it went down! More to come…

Voices @ The Drop – London 27th of August 2010

August 11th, 2010

Voices @ The Drop

Genesis of a Deep Sound – Album Launch/Special Show

July 15th, 2010

Fabrice Lig – Cosmic Booty – RJDJ Scene from Nitzan on Vimeo.

Belgian producer Fabrice Lig is set to release his next album at the end of June on Fine Art Recordings.

Entitled Genesis of a Deep Sound, the new record will be Ligny’s first full-length since 2004’s My 4 Stars. It will feature mostly previously unreleased tracks, plus the tunes “Cosmic Booty” and “That Connection,” both of which were released at the end of last year on Fine Art. In terms of style, the record demonstrates the wide scope of Ligny’s sound, with deep house, techno and breakbeat all delivered with a classic, no-frills production approach.

The album will be packaged with cover art by UK-based artist Sawdust, and will include photographs from Andrew Moore’s book Detroit Dissasembled. It will also be accompanied by an iPhone app, which lets users tweak its tunes on the fly using the touch screen and accelerometer. For a better idea of how it works, see the video above.

01. BC 98
02. Energy machine
03. Fusion
04. Genesis Interlude
05. Back to Sweet Home
06. Electric Beauty
07. Cosmic Booty
08. Deep Future – Past Interlude
09. Japanese Soul feat. Titonton Duvante
10. That Connection feat. Titonton Duvante & NToumos

To celebrate the Launch, Nitzan’s hosting a very special show tonight on from 10pm (LONDON/BST)

Interview: Ade Fakile / Plastic People, Owner and Creator

July 2nd, 2010

A great interview with Ade on the past / present / future of one of the best and most loved underground clubs of London.

Enjoy the read!

DarkStarr Compilation Results

June 3rd, 2010

Many thanks to all that entered the DarkStarr Compilation!!! The fastest two were Ben and Aneesh who both will received a copy of the new DarkStarr comp. Well done!

Deep Frequency / Voices / Spacemachine

May 28th, 2010

This Sunday 30th of May, Deep Frequency will join forces with SpaceMachine and The Voices Collective and will be holding a little get together at The Cafe venue upstairs at Bocking St Studios on the corner of Cambridge Heath Road and Mare St. The venue is also a comfortable 5 mins walking distance from Broadway Market and London Fields E8. There is a large outdoor space adjacent to the dance area and the cafe serves a selection of alcohol drinks, teas & coffees, cakes, snacks.

Admission: £5

MAP Look out for a bunch a balloons to find your way 😉

Facebook Event

We hope you’ll be able to join us! 😉

New Darkstarr Compilation

May 28th, 2010

Cat No: MRR1005CD
Label: MRR
Rel: JUNE 2010

Psychedelic Disco-Tech: No, its not just another lame ass musical genre coined by a journo for trainspotting anoraks (like ourselves?). As DarkStarr is about melding musical styles and fusing different sounds, Ash and I could not put a label on it. How do we describe the amalgamation of trippy, far-out tunes we play at our nights? What term can depict the variety of moods and emotions we portray without locking us into a certain category? We needed an illustration that was all encompassing and “psychedelic disco-tech” just seemed to cover it.

So forget about the title of this compilation. Don’t trouble yourself where any of this “fits” into the dance music scene of today or how this music all relates to each other. It will become evident in its own organic way. Just press “Play” and let yourself enter another musical stratosphere where there are no genres – just music. COSMO

DarkStarr is the new unit formed of music superheroes Ashley Beedle and Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy.
‘Cosmic Disco’ ‘Acid House’ ‘Psychedelic’ ‘Balearic’ – these are the overused and misunderstood terms used to hype today’s dance music scene. Every other week we have a new party or DJ cropping up claiming to be experts in this field. Ashley Beedle and Cosmo give this music the respect it deserves whilst putting the soul back into the party. With their first hand experience Ashley and Cosmo stand in a class of their own. Ashley has been London’s premier Soul Boy for decades.

His work under the monikers of X Press 2 (with Rocky and Diesel), Black Science Orchestra, Heavy Disco and Ballistic Brothers proves Ashley is one the few DJ/producers that can be both diverse and credible at the same time.

Disc 1: Mixed By Cosmo

1. Wild Rumpus-Kazan
2. Chicago Transit Authority-I’m A Man
3. Still Going-Spaghetti Circus
4. Mass Production -Cosmic Lust
5. Shirley Lites-Heat You Up (Melt You Down)
6. Yam Who?-Wax The Van (Yam Who? Rework)
7. SidWho?-Vote Bowie For President
8. Fontän-You Too
9. Mavis-Revolution feat. Candi Staton (DarkStarr Remix)
10. Montana-Warp Factor II
11. Bob Holroyd-African Drug

Disc 2: Mixed By Ashley Beedle

1. Grandadbob-Pictures (Quiet Village Remix)
2. Little Big Bee-City, Country, City (Franck Roger Remix)
3. Blackjoy-Djomani (Disco Jams Mix)
4. Shake the Dog featuring Jepthé Guillaume-Kite Yo Danse
5. Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band-Man of War (Henrik Schwarz Remix)
6. The KDMS-Never Stop Believing (Nicky Siano Jaguar Remix)
7. Supernova-Sweet Disco Music
8. Simone Fedi-Belzebù Tales
9. Yam Who?-The Star of A Story
10. Afrikanz On Marz-The Road We Travel (Suspension)
11. Illa J feat. Bebi Nova-Sounds Like Love (Carlos Nino & Miguel Atwood-Fergusons In Space Remix)

New Here & Now Releases

May 26th, 2010

Some new releases from JayCee’s label Here & Now:


DJ Support from Cosmo, Cosmodelica / Bitches Brew

Reverso 68 aka Pete Herbert and Phil Mison need no introduction. The dance music production outfit who have worked for many labels such as DFA, Klein, Music For Dreams and Eskimo Recordings and remixed loads of people including Badly Drawn Boy, Bent, Juan MacLean, Stratus and WhoMadeWho. Nigel Hayes alongside Funk D’Void Lars Sandberg was Chaser on Soma Quality Recordings. He has also released tunes for Prescription, F Communications, Guidance, Bitches Brew and Sunshine Enterprises and this is his 2nd remix for Here And Now Recordings.

Motivators are the Manu Dibango rhythm section plus members of The Quantic Soul Orchestra and Reel People under the direction of Steve Laviers and Rob Lee from Faze Action.


DJ Support from Norman Jay, Copyright, Phil Asher – Restless Soul, Simbad, Bugz In The Attic Daz and Seiji, Osunlade, Red Rackem.

YAABA FUNK are a large Ghanaian afrofunk group with a massive sound. DJD aka Dominic Dawson has enhanced this sound for the dancefloor with his funky afrohouse alternative mixes. Richard Olatunde who was worked with Tony Allen and Wunmi weaves Nyash into a monstrous afro broken beat affair

Some buy links:



Juno Download


Keep Plastic People Alive

May 12th, 2010

Respect to Plastic People!

Theo Parrish – Keep Plastic People Alive!

April 30th, 2010